We all know that an organization is only as strong as its staff and the team they assemble. If you are looking for highly trained, motivated, and experienced clinical support specialists in the specialized field of cardiology, Healthworks is here for you. As the premier clinical staffing agency for hospitals and practices, we pride ourselves on supplying the right person at the right time to help you take your healthcare service and patient care to the next level. But what exactly makes somebody a good job candidate?

Traits of a Good Employee

To maintain a well-staffed organization, you must build a qualified, well-balanced team. Obviously, you need people with proper education and a proven track record of experience. But what are some of the other underlying “soft skills” and key personality traits of good employees?


Even for a position that seems very self-reliant, virtually every job requires collaboration in some form. Between coworkers, bosses, or managing others, unless you are a self-employed business of one, you need to hire employees who work well with others and can cooperate as part of a team.

Willingness to Learn

Regardless of your educational background and experience, there is always room to grow and learn within a profession. New technology and knowledge are constantly being developed, and organizations and systems are always changing and evolving. An employee who doesn’t have the willingness to learn, grow, and adapt personally and professionally will eventually fall behind.


Having strong communication skills does not mean you necessarily are a great public speaker or use an extensive vocabulary when speaking. Being skilled in communicating means being open and transparent and clearly getting your message across through verbal or written speech so that your team can all be on the same page.


Companies should always pay people a competitive salary and reward them for their job performance with raises and promotions. But an employee with self-motivation will want to do a great job regardless of external factors and incentives. An employee who loves what they do and has a passion for the job is typically somebody who is very self-motivated.


When employees start a new position at a new facility, they don’t always get the luxury of somebody having time to help them transition and settle in. An employee needs to be calm, confident, and ready to step up when called upon without hesitation or second-guessing. Employees should be proactive and assertive with their work.

Culture Fit

This is the most complex trait of a good employee. Being a strong cultural fit is different and unique for every organization. An employee needs to understand and embrace the workplace and the values and goals of a company.

Staff Your Organization with Healthworks

The goal of any staffing agency is to fill vacancies in a variety of different types of settings with a qualified job candidate. At Healthworks, we make this possible through our extensive experience and expertise in the cardiovascular field. We provide comprehensive clinical lab staffing, education and training, and cutting-edge industry solutions. We customize all our services to meet the unique needs of your hospital or practice, with premier patient care always the main focus. Contact our team today to learn more about how Healthworks can provide support for your organization and help you maintain a well-staffed organization.

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