Continuous medical education is an integral part of connecting scientific advancements with improved patient care. As the cardiovascular industry is challenged to meet the growing demand for services and provide optimal care at the right time and place, the importance of healthcare personnel education and training is imperative. Below, the team at Healthworks highlights why training and educating staff within the cardiovascular service line is necessary to deliver excellence in healthcare performance and patient care.

Healthcare Personnel Training and Education

Hospitals have a critical shortage of workers that has increased even more in the past three years, and it is only expected to worsen as Baby Boomers retire or leave the workforce. The Bureau of Labor Statistics data anticipates about 500,000 nurses leaving the workforce this year alone. The staffing shortage is a national emergency and potentially a risk to patient safety. Additionally, the transition of healthcare providers from one specialty to another necessitates interprofessional education where providers can build upon their current clinical skillset as they enter a new area of concentration. Unfortunately, a gap exists between the importance of training nurses and technologists and the resources designated for education and training, resulting in a growing lack of experience, motivation, and well-trained staff.

How can this trend be countered? Healthworks has the solution!

Because the healthcare sector is constantly evolving, technologies and best practices can change drastically year over year. That’s why it’s essential to offer continuing professional development, education, and training programs to keep staff up to date with evidence-based techniques and technologies while expanding and developing their expertise and skill set so healthcare professionals can continue to provide the highest quality patient-centered care.

However, many organizations realize these educational programs can only serve a finite number of individuals. Readily available training and coursework is often limited, time-consuming, or too expensive for cardiovascular clinicians. That’s where Healthworks come in! At Healthworks, our mission is to provide superior cardiovascular professional development, education, and training through on-site didactic education and precepting, webinars, regional seminars, live professional development webinars, and Healthworks Online Learning Center. Healthworks’ professional education team strives to raise awareness around how education doesn’t end once a nurse or technologist reaches the middle of their professional career. When an organization invests in instructional guidance for the cardiovascular service line staff, they will have the potential to improve healthcare for current and future patients.

How Healthworks Can Serve Your Clinical Team

Healthworks will deliver our accredited professional development, continuing education seminars, and training programs online or onsite at client facilities. The programs are highly customizable and comprehensive, tailored to meet the learning needs of the clinical team. A few of the accredited professional development and education solutions are highlighted below:

Healthworks, Inc. is accredited as a provider of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. Healthworks professional development, education, and training programs are utilized to ensure nurses and technologists are “best in class” clinicians.

Accredited Healthcare Education Services by Healthworks

Healthworks provides the right people at the right time through expert clinical staffing, cardiovascular service line professional development and training, and innovative industry solutions. Through the clinical educational programs, Healthworks provides cutting-edge healthcare solutions that enable organizations to attract, retain, and motivate healthcare professionals involved in cardiovascular patient care. To learn more about how Healthworks can provide support to your organization, contact our team today.

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